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Grand Opening - Final Beta Test

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Grand Opening - Final Beta Test

Hi, welcome to MU Secret!

An original Season 3 server, no items sales, build system and limited resets, for you to conquer everything playing and be rewarded for effort and merit, evoking the sensations that only a structure and configuration designed with respect to the classic MU Online that we love so much can provide. The game will be available to the public from Friday, September 24th (24/09/2021) at 6:00pm (GMT-3) in final beta test before the global official launch, which will release on Friday, October 1st (10/01/2021) at 6:00pm (GMT-3).

During this process, it will be possible to interact with the actual progression implemented on the server, and all the original and exclusive aspects of the configuration, except for the availability of items such as Jewels and Box of Kundun which will be accessible via NPC and the commands /money /readd /clearinv and /pkclear to facilitate testing. Players who participate in early access will be able to learn the singularities of the server, and will come out ahead in the race to the top.

This last and brief pre-launch stage is extremely important in terms of identifying possible points for improvement. For this reason, our team intends to reward players who effectively contribute to this cause. The merits will be evaluated by the administration and awarded upon the global server's launch.

The Register section on our website is now available and the game Download will be available on Monday, 20/09/2021. For more Information about the server, go to www.musecret.net and follow us on social media.

MU Secret Staff
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