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MU Secret - Grand Opening

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MU Secret - Grand Opening

Hello, MU Secret!

MU Secret is a Hard and Classic Season 3 MU Online Server with 1x Experience. Here we don't have Resets or Items Sale. The proposal is to bring the experience as similar as possible to the Webzen Original in this specific version of the game. With a truly balanced PvP, PvM, Events, Invasions and Bosses, in MU Secret you can revive the real MU Online, but here only the best will reach the top!

Therefore, it is with great pleasure that we announce the Official Release of MU Secret:


📢 MU Secret Official Release: September 1st, 2023 at 20:00h (GMT-3).


Thanks in advance to all players who participated in our Closed Beta in May and Final Open Beta in August. Many adjusts and suggestions that emerged during these periods have been applied. It is only right that those who participated in all these processes should be REWARDED. Therefore, if you played before the launch, withdraw your REWARD from your Vault in your Account whenever you want. Thanks for your collaboration!

Note: The REWARD will be deposited in only 1 account per IP. Check all your accounts.

Finally, for new players, use the Register section on our Website to create your accounts. Download the game and join us! For more information about the Server, visit our Discord group.

MU Secret Staff
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