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Server Maintenance - 3 October

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Server Maintenance - 3 October

Hello MU Secret!

This is the first report of adjustments made since the Final Beta version on the 24 September until the present day:

  • Fixed global announcement after defeating Red Dragon;
  • Fixed the command Reset (/reset);
  • Changed cost to use global post (/post), from 1kk to 100k. This adjustment is intended to enable greater communication between the online community in the game;
  • Changed Mana Potion limit from 3 to 6. This adjustment is intended to ease the need to go back and buy more potions for your characters all the time. Although it is still necessary, we have just increased your autonomy and optimized your time by 100%;
  • Fixed the HP, Attack and Defense of all Invasions in the game: Dragon Invasion, Golden Invasion, Skeleton King Invasion and White Wizard Invasion. These adjustments are intended to enhance the collectivity on the server, as these invasions can hardly be defeated by beginning players without a team. In the future, characters at higher levels, will be able to do it without difficulties, unless the competition of other teams and players;
  • Fixed the HP, Attack and Defense of all Boss  in the game: Nightmare, Maya, Balgass, Dark Elf, Erohim and Kundun. This adjustment is intended to make the process of defeating such monsters more difficult. Even a full character would have extreme difficulty in defeating them alone, bringing back the importance of playing with allies on the Server.
  • Fixed Auto Attack system. Now, when clicking with the right mouse button to try to use a skill when the command is active, the system will stop the automatic attack. This adjustment is intended to make it impossible for the character to use 2 skills simultaneously;
  • Fixed the damage percentage dealt by Spells Poison and Decay. Now, the poison's residual damage is integrated with their natural damage. This adjustment is intended to eliminate the high percentage damage that status poison did. In the Webzen standard, the calculation is based on the Monster's current HP, which eventually generated very high hits against Bosses with high HP;
  • Removed false positive for virus in Main.dll; This occurred eventually because of its encryption, so the antiviruses can't read the entire file, so it was considered "dangerous", but it isn't.

    Obs.: The Administration of MU Secret  has responsibility about the security of the server and our players. Under no circumstances would we infect them.

  • Added information about Loch's Feather drop in the site's Drop List.

WARNING! Some aspects of the update have already been applied. Others require a quick restart of the Server. So tomorrow, Monday, 4 September at 8pm, all players will be disconnected for a few seconds, and the Auto-Reconnect system will keep them Online. However, those who are leveling in spots will need to be careful to reactivate their /attack and /pick commands.

Finally, so that all changes are properly applied and do not cause any inconvenience when trying to connect to the game, it is extremely essential that it be opened by Launcher, so that the Auto-Update system can download all updates.


MU Secret Staff
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