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Server Rules and Terms of Use

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Server Rules and Terms of Use

1. It is prohibited in the use of name in character or guild, and also in chats, to disseminate any type of hate speech, attitude of intolerance, apology to crime, illegal content and violence of any nature;

2. It is forbidden to impersonate a member of the server team, as well as to use a character or guild name that demonstrates such an intention;

3. It is forbidden to send messages containing links or to advertise other servers and games;

4. It is forbidden to repeat, without a pragmatic character and in a way that causes disorder, messages in the chats, as well as interfering or hindering the progress of the team's official events and interactions with the players on the server;

5. It is forbidden to disseminate rumors and untruths with the intention of denigrating the image of the server or disrupting its functioning, as well as falsifying, adulterating and forging evidence in complaints;

6. The use of auxiliaries, automation programs that interact with the software in any way and for any purpose, as well as omitting or exploiting possible failures on any server platform is prohibited, and the player must alert the team about the existence of any problem;

7. Any infraction may be reported only by ticket through the website, preferably with the presentation of evidence so that management can evaluate and apply due judgment, and any contact established in the other communication channels of the server will be disregarded for this purpose;

8. The administration will not intervene in problems caused by the player's recklessness, negligence or inability to secure his account;

9. The server maintains its services online through voluntary and voluntary donations, which do not guarantee any immunity from punishment, nor can they be returned under any circumstances, and as a way of recognizing the users who make them, virtual credits will be added to their accounts, that enable an optimized experience of progression to them;

10. In omitted cases, management reserves the right to modify this at any time, as well as to take any disciplinary measures and apply punishments that it deems appropriate in any situation and context, to protect the integrity of the server, even if such specific behavior has not been anticipated as prohibited. Finally, for users, so that fun does not give way to inconvenience, always consider the maxim of common sense and respect.

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