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Community Rules and Terms of Use

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Community Rules and Terms of Use

1. All entries in the forum are submitted to management review before being validated. Each player can only have one register, so the email must be the same one used in the server account. In addition, the account must have at least one created character. False, inadequate or incomplete information may result in cancellation of the registration, upon administration diagnosis;

2. It is prohibited to pretend a member of the administration, using any method to do it;

3. English, portuguese and spanish are the official languages of the forum. In case of publication in another language, it is advisable to provide the appropriate translation, so that the intended purposes with the publication are better disseminated. The abusive use of abbreviations and languages that make the content restricted or impossible to understand is not allowed; 

4. It is prohibited to advertise other forums and games, as to disseminate any type of hate speech, intolerance, apology to crime, illegal content and violence of any kind;

5. It is prohibited to use or cite material that has copyright without exposing credits and cite information without making available their respective sources;

6. Before making any publication, use the search tool to check if your claim already has open discussion, or has already been resolved;

7. It is prohibited to post flood or spam, causing pollution in topics. Always verify that the area you are posting corresponds to the subject you want to address;

8. It is prohibited to inform personal data in the forum, any private information can and should be shared only by private message;

9. It is prohibited to create discussions about warnings and banishes, such claims must be made exclusively via ticket;

10. In the cases not contemplated, the administration reserves the right to modify this at any time, take any disciplinary measures and apply punishments that it deems appropriate in any situation and context, to protect the integrity of the forum, even though it has not been defined as prohibited. Finally, for users, to avoid inconveniences, always consider the maximum of respect.

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